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I’ve just found this camera in our attic when we were clearing it out. I wonder if anyone could tell me a little about it. It appears to be a Zeiss Ikon Nettar with a Tessar mm f4. Sorry about the rather shallow dof in the picture btw. Edited by Hans Kerensky member 6 years ago Guess that this Nettar is one of the early ones. Model number is probably It works with the still available type rollfilm and will produce 8 images 6x9cm on a roll. If you could give us the serial number of the lens and the serial number on the side of the Compur shutter a more precise dating will be possible. Also on many occassions you’ll find a model nr. That normally starts with a letter.

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The centre currently has 18 donkeys who are either out in the paddocks or in the yards, depending on the weather. There’s a cafe, gift shop and on-site parking. All the exhibits were moved to a new museum at the council’s Archives and Local History Centre. The new museum – also free admission – opened in the autumn of and has free parking. It’s open 10am until 4pm, Monday to Saturday.

(art detailed below to sell at 11 AM) ANTIQUES: antique wall cupboard, 5 tier barrister’s bookcase with glass doors, harvest table, set 6 hoop backed chairs, kerosene parlour lamp, 6 drawer tiger maple dresser, corner sofa, wooden butter bowl, vintage and antique decoys, red wool blanket, 7 quilts, antique ribbon doll, antique fire fighter’s helmet, Lakefield Police Dept. coal oil lantern w.

Ever since, the two have been seeing each other frequently. Paparazzi once took a video of them going out to drive late at night. Despite their busy schedules, they also met in foreign places such as England and Hawaii. However, Park denied the rumor in mid during a press conference held in Taiwan. The actress claimed they were just close friends. The two still remain close up to this day.

In November , it was confirmed that they will work together again for a new project. This was made possible due to their fans who wanted to see them together again. However, it is widely known that Lee is in a public relationship with Suzy Bae, member of k-pop group Miss A.

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So far on this blog when discussing vintage Gillette razors I have mentioned the basic Tech model. This simple but effective 3 piece design has a two piece head, clamping the blade, which is held together by screwing in the handle. I have also written a brief history of the more upmarket Super Speeds, which are a one piece razor with butterfly doors in the head operated by a Twist To Open TTO mechanism. But top of the heap of the three main Gillette models were the adjustables.

The adjustable razors have a clever mechanism that allows the user to adjust the blade exposure, or aggression, of the razor very quickly. On these Gillettes this consists of a moveable ring going round the handle just under the head though a small number were built with it near the bottom of the handle which is numbered though some rarer models were


My new collection The Pussy is out. You were put on Earth for that moment. Also, you look good in that sweater. Starting with your pussy. Not at your Third Street Starbucks, though, as I am banned from that one for 30 days. Your absurd statutes regarding proper use of rest rooms are incomprehensible to me. We go out a couple times. We make out, maybe we bone.

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You always knew dating an idol meant asking for trouble. It was your graduation night. If he was going to miss this milestone you were going to end it for sure. He had forgotten to attend your birthday, and your lunch date yesterday.

This ikon game was requested from Young mick!!Pick your favorite, casual/ everyday outfit, and hope to get your bias! Results. I’ll post the results in 5 days!

He pulled you close enough to him, to land one of his swift pecks on your rosy cheeks, before running after Lee Hi. After waiting for Hanbin, to finish up his congratulation speech, you sat in the waiting room. Watching as the couples, who were dating in secrecy, enjoying their time together, smiling, and kissing one another. Making you smile at the sight of the love surrounding you.

But it seemed the more you denied it, the more those speculations ate at you. You wanted to believe nothing was actually going on between the two, but Hanbin had proven those accusations were true. I mean, who gives private lessons to a girl, especially another female idol? Bring her little gifts, even try to do a collaboration with her.

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Byzantine and Christian Museum:: Icons Icons The Museum’s Byzantine and Post-Byzantine icons constitute one of its largest and most important collections. The collection is marked out not just by the exceptionally large number of works it contains – ca 3, – but also by the wide range of iconographies it covers across the chronological spectrum of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine art and comes from all over Greece, Asia Minor, the Balkans and Russia.

The original collection, which began with the icons belonging to the Christian Archaeological Society XAE , was gradually built up with artefacts from the Refugees’ Heirlooms, which arrived in Greece after the Asia Minor Disaster of and the exchange of populations in Since then the collection is constantly being added to through gifts, bequests, confiscations and purchases.

24 free things to do in Birmingham and beyond. Birmingham Museum, Thinktank, Sarehole Mill, Aston Hall and Soho House among options for family days out on a budget.

The vehicle was manufactured on the production facility of Almussafes, Valencia autonomous community. When the Ka was first introduced to the public it provoked mixed reactions due to its original and striking New Edge design, created by Jack Telnack. Besides the styling, the Ka, like its sister cars Fiesta and Puma , was lauded in the motoring press for its nimble handling.

Under Richard Parry-Jones’s supervision, the suspension and steering settings allowed for spirited cornering and high levels of grip making it one of the best handling cars of the current generation superminis, not unlike the original Mini. The main drawback was the Ka’s cc Overhead valve four-cylinder Endura-E engine , a design dating back to the s Kent engine used in the Ford Anglia. Although not very modern, it provided enough torque to allow relaxed if not spirited driving.

The Ka has proved highly profitable for Ford despite its low selling price, largely due to the lack of spending required in its development. It has been the best selling car in its class in the United Kingdom for a number of years and commands around a fifth of the city car market. Initially, all Kas were delivered as the standard model and upgraded to the higher variants at Ford dealerships, saving on production costs.

These offered colour-coded bumpers for the first time, although this lost the designer’s original intention of the black plastic bumpers avoiding parking damage to paintwork in city conditions.


From starting out as an octagonal, glass-walled kiosk in the old Bull Ring shopping centre half a century ago, it moved three years later to a decommissioned mortuary in Swallow Street and then in late to John Bright Street. Ikon has become an icon. Jonathan Watkins, director of the Ikon Gallery in Brindleyplace No building in the city is prettier, nor more suited to its core purpose, than its home in the gothic, former Oozells Street School.

And why the job of being a gallery director who can keep abreast of the times is so challenging and rewarding. Jonathan picks up the paper to look at its front page for the first of what must be a dozen times. I really believe in them.

Auto Ventshade In-Channel Ventvisors AVS In-Channel Ventvisor Side Window Deflectors are designed to complete the look of your vehicle adding subtle style while maintaining the functionality you desire from a side window deflector.

Couples therapist Esther Perel says, “Many affairs will remake a relationship. You can renegotiate the entire thing. She’s spent the past six years of her career focusing on couples who are dealing with infidelity — and she’s heard a lot of stories. Today they are discovered primarily through the phone or through social media or though the computer. There will be post-traumatic stress — and [then] there may be post-traumatic growth. On modern expectations for marriage Relationship expectations are at an all-time high.

We want everything that we expected in traditional marriage in terms of companionship and economic support and family life and social status; and then we also want what the romantic marriage brought us, which was a sense of belonging and connection and intimacy and a best friend and a trusted confidant and a passionate lover. And then we now also want self-fulfillment in our relationships and we want to find a “soul mate,” a word that for most of history was reserved to God.

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It is produced and hosted as another way of expressing gratitude to those who have helped Company Seven prosper. With some of this content dating back to the times when slow dial-up Internet access was the norm, the article was originally text heavy because illustrations were by necessity kept simple and to a minimum. Over the decades we have, and will continue to, on occasion add this or that mention of or illustration of items in our archives and museum collection, this to break up the monotony of text, make corrections with much gratitude to Dr.

It was never our intent to write one comprehensive and all-encompassing history of Zeiss, that would require volumes to do it justice, but rather to explain why we at Company Seven remain grateful for and in awe of the achievements by Zeiss.

Comunidad orientada a la traducción de subtítulos de Cine Asiático, Anime y Series Asiáticas (Doramas), además de cultura y música del lejano oriente.

Flip or Flop Nashville will star the real estate and home renovation experts as they run a successful house flipping business despite choosing to end their marriage years ago. The eight-episode series will follow DeRon, a licensed contractor, and Page, a seasoned real estate agent, attempting to transform “the worst properties” in Nashville into “stylish and functional” family homes, according to the network. However, the couple continue to film new Season 7 episodes of their show.

DeRon and Page’s goal for Flip or Flop Nashville will be to showcase why the city is a great place for flipping homes with its “booming housing market” and older houses that need renovation. To sell the property for top dollar, Page and DeRon also incorporate a bright modern kitchen and a large master suite to increase the home’s square footage. Flip or Flop Nashville is just one of the franchise’s numerous new installments starring different couples across the country.

In addition to the Nashville spinoff, Flip or Flop Chicago is also slated to debut next year.

24 free things to do in Birmingham and beyond

Burning Chrome The Gernsback Continuum Mercifully, the whole thing is starting to fade, to be- come an episode. When I do still catch the odd glimpse, it’s peripheral; mere fragments of mad-doctor chrome, confining themselves to the corner of the eye. There was that flying-wing liner over San Francisco last week, but it was almost translucent. And the shark-fin roadsters have gotten scarcer, and freeways discreetly avoid un- folding themselves into the gleaming eighty lane monsters I was forced to drive last month in my rented Toyota.

And I know that none of it will follow me to New York; my vision is narrowing to a single wave- length of probability. I’ve worked hard for that.

[GAME] iKon: Dating Door – prom dresses Pick an image to reveal who you will date! images are assigned to best suit each members personality. Pick the image of your fav prom dress. scroll down to reveal the results.

Because their songs are unbelieving IG: Knowing them is one of the nicest things happened in my life which i never regret supporting them. Each and every artist teaches so many valuable lessons to build up my life. Also I must specially say Thankyou to Hwangsabbu ssi for his daily Morning Inspirational Instagram posts which cheer my day. Because of Daesung I smile more than I do always. I keep my faith because of Taeyang. TOP told me we must always carry out a child like charm.

Beacuse of Jiyonng I feel i need to grow more and more. Dara is my favorite 2NE1 member her charm loveliness always delight me. He take care of all my oppas and unnis just like they are children from his own blood. YG Family over come so many obstacles in past years. But they never give up doing there good works.

Each and Every YG artists have different and unique charm for oneself.

Ikon Dating Door Game

The era when Carnegie Hall was built was a miraculous period of artistic creation, particularly for composers who wrote astonishing music that is widely performed today. This fall, dozens of events exploring Tchaikovsky and St. Petersburg will take place at Carnegie Hall and throughout the city. Ignatius Loyola on October Carnegie Hall was a treat for the eyes, as well as the ears.

In celebration of iKON’s New Comeback, I’ve created a Dating Door Game!. I’m your host Exotic, and behind each door is an iKON member. The 1st link door .

The transition from inside to outside, and vice versa, is made through a veil of text, superimposed on what is visible beyond. The perpetual outsider status projected onto the main protagonist in The Castle , a key work in this exhibition, corresponds to an anxiety that is often engendered by cultural institutions. On the other hand, Fly , involves an illuminated fire exit sign and the sound of a fly buzzing inside. There is no yearning for admittance, but rather this is an innocent creature desperately trying to get out.

Quotations from Karl Marx to Edgar Allan Poe, from Barnett Newman to Joseph Kosuth, are sources of inspiration, as well as coincidences found within and between alphabets and numerical systems. These letterpress works constitute a bookend of an extraordinary survey, a kind of variety that conveys rare artistic ingenuity. The exhibition is accompanied by a publication, including texts by Austrian philosopher Robert Pfaller and Jonathan Watkins, Ikon Director.

This exhibition is supported by The Henry Moore Foundation.