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receiving a GPS signal when you install your MicroCell:» On first floor or above basement level.» Next to a window with a clear, unobstructed view of the sky.» At least one foot away from other wireless broadcasting devices.» When the weather is clear (no clouds or rain).

There are many versions of these modules available from various manufacturers, the recommended models are here. The compass must be calibrated however. Alternatively the compass can be first connected through an I2C splitter if other I2C devices are to be attached. Note ArduPilot supports up to 3 compasses. Connecting to APM 2. Note After connecting the external compass you will need to re-calibrate the compass including Compassmot if you had run this procedure for the internal compass.

If using Copter 3. Tip The recommended orientation is to mount the module with the arrow facing toward the front of the vehicle and in the same direction as the arrow on the autopilot. Place the module on the outside of your vehicle in an elevated position if appropriate with a clear view of the sky, as far as possible from the motors and ESCs, with the arrow facing forward.


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Introducing ExpertGPS. ExpertGPS is GPS map software for your Windows computer, tablet, or laptop. ExpertGPS makes it easy to transfer waypoints, routes, and tracks, as well as GPS, GIS, and CAD data, to and from your Garmin GPSMAP xs.

Subscribe to RSS Feed Backup Cameras Car back up cameras are video cameras which mount on the rear of your car and enable you to reverse more safely. In this category, you’ll find all kinds of backup cameras for different cars available, including universal backup camera, and customized rear view camera for specific vehicle. So far as we know, the wired camera is more stable than the wireless backup camera, so we suggest you installing a wired backup camera in your car.

All our backup cameras have night vision and waterproof. How to Install backup camera? Take out your stock license plate light at the back of your car. Fix the camera to where the stock license plate light was. Connect the built-in license plate light of the camera to where the stock license plate light was connected to get the power d. Connect the power of the camera to your?

Reverse lights – red wire to positive and black wire to negative.


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The GPS and instrument data received from the C/E series has to be included in the combined data stream to feed the computer via USB. To achieve this, the NMEA output of the multiplexer’s baudrate conversion facility is connected to one of its own free standard NMEA input ports at bps.

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Manhunt Mobile GPS

Follow these easy steps to get your GPS up and running in no time. The GPS device is a small box with a screen on the front. Also included should be some type of holder with an affixed suction cup for mounting the device to your windshield or dash board. It is highly ill-advised to mount the device on a portion of your windshield where it will distract or block your view of the road.

contact your local installer. GPS Vehicle Tracking Unit Installation Guide Turn car ignition off before making connections. Note to Installer – Please return these instructions to customer.

Don’t know why all the different names. I’ve tried to separate some of these based on some manuals but if you know more about the names please let me know. The first generation of GPS receivers used conventional receiver design. The second generation used a Digital Signal Processing DSP chip or a custom DSP chip and processed only a small number of channels 4 is the minimum number of satellites needed for a fix, but a receiver with fewer than 4 channels can be used by time sharing one or more channels.

The first Trimpack type GPS receiver was only a 2 channel unit. Later models were 3 channel and the last in the series were 6 channels where 4 channels were always tracking the best 4 satellites and the other 2 channels were searching for better satellites. Modern GPS receivers are 12 channel designs and can track all the satellites in view. This has a big advantage because the receiver does not need to drop one satellite to acquire another.

Since there are 24 satellites in orbits that are relativity close the the Earth, only about half of them can be seem at one time so 12 channels is an optimum number for a GPS only receiver. If the receiver can also track other navigation system then more channels are a good thing.

Arduino: showing information from a GPS on a LCD

DSC allows mariners to send instant, digitally coded distress calls to the U. Coast Guard and other vessels within transmission range. It also allows selective, digital communication with other DSC-equipped vessels. A dedicated GPS puck receiver makes good sense for a number of reasons:

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PS2 connector is used for powering Gmouse and for getting data in PS2 data line. If the GPS receiver is new, or has not been used for some time, it may need 15 minutes or so to receive a current almanac. Choose the appropriate COM port that got assigned to the explorer in your system by looking into the device manager like as shown below. In this figure you can see communication port COM1 got selected: Those spheres only intersect at only one earth point your location.

If there were only 3 satellites, there is more then one place the spheres intersect which is why the system needs that forth satellite so a bad calculation can not be made. The GPS receiver needs 4 satellites to work out your position in 3-dimensions. GPRMC tells the latitude, longitude, speed, time and date. For using the rhydoLABZ software you need to have net connectivity.

Program is shown below. Use it to initialize variables, pin modes, start using libraries, etc.

How To Install an Aftermarket Car Radio with Bluetooth